Saturday, July 10, 2004

Day 3, arriving in Wuhan

we took the night train in from Beijing and arrived this morning. it was great. the folks at wuhan university are really taking care of us. we had sleeper cars [i may post a photo later] and simply boarded at 8:30, had a snack in the dining car, watched movies on our TVs, and woke up outside wuhan around 6:30am. it was already HOT and muggy here...our camera lenses fogged up when we tried to use them to take a picture of the train.

we were met at the train by helpers from WU and taken by bus straight to our hotel. it is also very nice. i have sent a couple photos to some of you, but you can get them from my mom if you want. she would be more than happy to send them to you!!

i will write more later. i should say that i am having trouble accessing the blog-software though...i know that some of you have posted comments on there, but i can't see them. i'd love to hear from you so email me if you can until i get this all figured out :]


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