Sunday, July 04, 2004

teaching plans for china

i just updated the Teaching page on my website, so that you can see the teaching plans for the classes i'll teach each day. i have two topics in american culture--baseball and animals--and teach 2-hour lessons for each of those. of course the lesson is only an hour, culminating in a 3-5 minute formal speech...and then the second hour is reserved for students to either create their own impromptu speeches based on a portion of my lesson, or to simply deliver the same speech i did. the other teaching plans are for my one-hour dialog class and one-hour listening comprehension class. so the day shapes up like this:

8-10am topic #1: American Baseball
10-11am dialog class: Talking about "pets" with friends
11-noon listening class: Watching and listening to American Baseball
12-2:30pm lunch/break
2:30-4:30 topic #2: Animal Rights and Americans and their pets

so, that will be my usual day in Wuhan, as far as i can tell........blob

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