Saturday, August 14, 2004

program is over

well, yesterday was the closing ceremony. it went well and i am happy about the great work the american teachers have done here. i am filled with a sense of accomplishment and wonder [at the boundless kindness of the students] but also deep sorrow. today the weather is cold [relatively], cloudy, and a little rainy. it suits my mood but i am sure the sun will be out shining bright tomorrow or monday and i will be happy to flee Wuhan, which all of you may recall me telling you before i left is known as "one of China's three furnaces." ha!!

heading to shanghai on monday and then home to columbus on tuesday. [arriving 9:30am wednesday]. email access might be a little less easy in the next few days but i am sure i will be online off-and-on so i'd love to hear from you all and otherwise i'll see you/talk to you when i get back!!

thank you all for your kindness and support during this program. it has meant a lot to me to stay connected to all of you who have written or posted comments on the weblog. i am glad i experimented with this new technology and hope you have enjoyed participating in this monumental life-changing experience with me. i will write some more final comments when i get home, i imagine. maybe i'll compose some words on the plane.

bye bye, blob

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